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hackerclub is a student club for advanced computer science and engineering students at The Evergreen State College. From our official mission statement:

The Evergreen Hacker Club is a collection of individuals interested in
learning, discussing, and implementing real-world applications of advanced
technological subjects. We focus on topics chosen by the membership, and
regularly host workshops and competitions for the group to share their 
skills with each other.

hackerclub's official homepage can be accessed at http://hackevergreen.org


Operating unnofficially since fall of 2011, the club started as a small collection of CS students hoping to train for and participate in the national attack-defense competition CCDC. With mentorship from Richard Weiss, the group took sixth place, and continued the following year to take third.

In fall of 2013, hackerclub became an officially registered club at Evergreen. Deciding to branch out from just security, hackerclub has become a general group all advanced CS topics, with the competitive cyber-security team becoming a subgroup.


Main article: GNU-eDucks

hackerclub is also home to Evergreen's official cyber-security competition team, the GNU-eDucks. The team frequently participates in CTF competitions, along with teaching workshops to the rest of hackerclub on advanced security topics. Their homepage is located at http://ctf.hackevergreen.org.


Current (2013-2014)

  • Stefan Boesen
  • Max David
  • Nick Achatz


  • Sam Noedel (2011-2013)