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Welcome to the official wiki of Evergreen's hackerclub
We meet Wednesdays at 1pm in lib 2610 (back of the computer center)

Join our IRC Channel! #tesc and #gnu-e-ducks on



What the heck is CCDC?

CCDC 2020

WildCard 2020 Recap

PRCCDC 2020 Recap (Happening soon)

CCDC 2017

PRCCDC 2017 Recap

CCDC 2015

How to win CCDC 2015

CCDC 2014

PRCCDC 2014 Recap

2014 Checklists

CCDC 2013

PRCCDC 2013 Recap

2013 Zero-day Checklist


Evergreen's competitive security team and subset of hackerclub. Read more info here.

Capture The Flag Competitions (CTFs)


Topics of Study


Meeting Notes